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Whether you're dropping off a prescription, have an appointment with the Pharmacist or just browsing the storefront, there are some features of the space that you may find helpful to know ahead of time...


There is ample (free!) parking around the property. There are also two reserved parking spots for folks with accessibility requirements. 


There are 4 doors into the building and they are all clearly marked. The main door for the drugstore is on your left as soon as you drive up. There's an open sign in the window, and a Teasdale Apothecary Co. sign right next to it. 

Don't worry, you're in the right spot. You may be surprised when you come in as we often hear that we don't "look like a drugstore" but we promise, you're in the right place and you'll find the pharmacy counter around the corner. 


We are an accessible, barrier-free space. There are automatic door openers to enter and exit the building and we have wide, accessible pathways throughout the pharmacy that are easy to navigate with strollers, wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Both the pharmacy and the storefront have an accessible counter section. 

waiting room

We have a spacious and comfortable waiting room with a variety of seating options. Whether you're waiting for a prescription, taking a break from shopping, or need to feed a little one, our waiting room is there for you to relax and take a few minutes to yourself - make sure to flip through our collection of vintage coffee table books!


There is a gender-neutral and barrier-free bathroom available for your use. You'll find it directly to your right, upon entering the store. If you can't locate it, a staff member will gladly point you in the right direction. 


The space is fragrance-free. That may come as a surprise to folks since it smells so good in here, but the fact of the matter is that we don't have any synthetic fragrance in the space. Any products carried in store are scented naturally and staff are not permitted to wear chemically-scented products or perfumes. So enjoy the natural, pleasant smells of the pharmacy and rest assured that they are non-toxic and synthetic-free.

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